Protect Your Smile From the Effects of Acid Reflux

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You may know acid reflux by its other names–reflux disease or gastroesophageal reflux disease–and you may already be aware that it causes stomach acids to come up into the esophagus. Acid reflux not only causes a burning sensation but can also be linked to other health complications, including heart disease. There are many lifestyle factors that can cause acid reflux, such as smoking and your diet. The presence of acid in your mouth as a result of acid reflux can weaken your teeth and should be corrected promptly.

When potent stomach acids come in contact with your tooth enamel, they can erode it and increase the risk of tooth decay. Persistent dry mouth is another effect of acid reflux and one that allows the buildup of bad bacteria that leads to cavities.

We invite you to review your dental solutions acid reflux. For example, dental bonding can provide a protective coating over the teeth and repair any vulnerable chips or cracks in your smile. Another option is to cover the front surface of your teeth with thin cosmetic shells known as dental veneers. These can mask any imperfections without making your smile appear unnatural.

After discussing acid reflux treatment with your doctor, please feel free to contact Jackson Dental at 972-492-1064 and consult with our dentist, Dr. Robert Jackson, about dental treatments to repair the effects of acid reflux in Carrollton, Texas.