A Composite Dental Filling Mimics the Appearance of Natural Tooth Enamel

If you sometimes struggle to remember to brush and floss your teeth, you could be putting your teeth at increased risk of cavities. When an area of tooth decay first starts to develop you might notice a minor change in surface texture of your tooth, increased sensitivity, or slight discoloration of the tooth enamel. If you have noticed any of... read more »

All About Preventing Cavities in Your Child’s Young Smile

Your child’s little smile seems so perfect, doesn’t it? It probably is—well, close to perfect. Little did you know, their little chompers are vulnerable to tooth decay. This is a common issue among many infants and toddlers. In fact, it’s so common that it is known as baby bottle tooth decay. However, your child doesn’t have to experience this issue... read more »

Dental Sealants Are a Preventative Treatment Against Occlusal Cavities

The occlusal, or biting, surfaces of your molars and premolars are called upon to do most the chewing and grinding when you eat. To aid in this, most people have developed textures in the tooth enamel. While this makes the teeth more efficient for their given task, there is also a chance of food residue or plaque becoming trapped in... read more »

A Tooth Suffering from a Missing Filling Might Need a Crown

Fillings are generally made from either porcelain, amalgam, or composite resin. They are meant to repair a small-to-medium-sized cavity. As time goes by, the bacteria living in your mouth can weaken the dental adhesive holding a filling to the surrounding enamel. This is even more likely to happen if you struggle to maintain consistent oral hygiene. If the filling falls... read more »

May Your Season Be Merry with Dental Implants

The holiday festivities are here, so now is the time to make sure your oral health is in peak condition. Our team at Jackson Dental is happy to offer dental implants to restore a damaged smile. With dental implants, you can once again enjoy all of the foods you normally do without the fear of further damage to your mouth. Following... read more »

Don’t Let Gum Disease Ruin Your Holidays

Periodontal disease, more commonly known as gum disease, can wreak havoc on your holiday season. If you suffer the effects of gum disease, eating foods can be difficult, so don’t let gum disease ruin your holidays. Take the steps now to protect your teeth and gums from any further harm. Listed below are some commonly asked questions concerning gum disease: Question:... read more »