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If you’ve ever wondered about a treatment for your bad breath, we have some great news for you – it exists! There are tons of different ways to tackle this problem, and all of them result in you feeling more confident and assertive in professional and personal settings.

To understand what we can do to help treat your bad breath, however, we first need to look at what causes it, and things you can do to prevent it yourself.

What causes it?
Certain bacteria that build up in your mouth – which are essentially decomposed pieces of sulfur – are the main culprit of bad breath. A dentist can usually spot this bacteria buildup within moments of glancing inside your mouth. If you’ve had issues with bad breath, ask Dr. Robert Jackson to look in your mouth to see if you have an abundance of this bacteria.

How to treat it
If you find out that you have an excess amount of bad breath-causing bacteria, don’t despair. Our team at Jackson Dental works with patients to help correct this sort of problem on a regular basis. In fact, we offer some of the finest bad breath treatment services in Carrollton, Texas.

The best course of treatment is usually an increased oral health routine that includes flossing and brushing, along with mouthwash use. Mouthwash is incredibly effective in cleaning up the bacteria and germs that your brush and floss couldn’t get to. It’s these remnants which usually cause bad breath.

If you’re ready to have great breath, give us a call today at 972-492-1064 to learn how we can help.