Your Toothbrush: The Facts

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Have you ever been told that brushing is very important to your oral health? Did you know that we recommend brushing your teeth twice every day for two minutes at a time or that you should start brushing in a different part of your mouth every time? However, while brushing properly is important, did you know that you should also care for your brush well?

You see, if you choose the wrong brush, you could actually damage your teeth. A brush with hard bristles can actually damage your teeth. Brushing too hard can actually have the same effect. We also recommend replacing your brush about once every four months, though you should also consider purchasing a new brush after you have a cold.

You’ll also need to care for your brush well. We recommend rinsing your brush out with water after you use it. You should also store your brush upright in an open area where it can air dry. If you don’t, bacteria and germs could grow on your brush, ultimately leaving you more vulnerable to decay.

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