Basic Care Required to Prevent Complications Post-Extraction Wisdom Tooth

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It is rarely a good idea to forgo having wisdom teeth removed. The residual third molars that are hidden deep in your gums can cause complications before and after they attempt to emerge. This could come in the form of a painful dental cyst, discomfort in the surrounding soft tissues, and potential damage to the otherwise healthy root of your rear molars.

To prevent these complications, Dr. Robert Jackson can extract your wisdom teeth at Jackson Dental in a single outpatient oral surgery. Afterward, you will need to practice some basic postoperative care measures to maximize the recovery process and prevent infection or other complications.

It’s important to stick to eating a soft-foods diet with items like mashed potatoes and yogurt. Staying hydrated is also very important. Just avoid using a straw. The suction could potentially open one of the incision sites. Hot and cold beverages should also be avoided as they could also shock the healing tissues.

Your gums might bleed for a few days at the incision site. This is natural and to be expected. You can help control the bleeding by biting down lightly on a little rolled-up sterile gauze. Once it has stopped, you can wash away any lingering blood with a lukewarm saltwater rinse.

Even occasional tobacco use can pose a significant threat to your gums as they heal. The irritation from heat, nicotine, tar, and other chemicals can increase recovery time and increase your chances of suffering a dangerous infection.

If you do use tobacco products, this might be a good opportunity to also try a cessation program. Just try to choose one that doesn’t involve using lozenges or nicotine gum. These items can also irritate the gums.

If you have recently had a tooth extracted at Jackson Dental and you have some post-extraction care concerns, you can always call 972-492-1064 to speak to a member of our dental staff in Carrollton, Texas. Our trained professionals will be happy to assist you with your dental care needs today!